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Ecotraining Field Guide Course – The Basis to Become a Professional Field Guide

Looking for an ecotraining field guide course? If you are willing to start your career within the wildlife industry or want to become a professional field guide, then you must go for an ecotraining field guide course.

Facts about Ecotraining Field Guide Course

The FGASA, which stands for Field Guides Association of Southern Africa, has presented various courses for the trail enthusiast. People who want to build their career as a field guide need to complete the Field Guide Level 1 course, which is basically offered and designed by FGASA.


The duration of this course is at least 55 days in which you will learn various things. You will experience a lot of things and learn about nature. You will be submerged in nature and will learn how to cope with the wilderness. You will not only learn how to deal with the wilderness but also learn how to survive in the area of bushes because you will be constantly exposed to the African bushes.

What will it cover?

This course is mainly designed for those people who are willing to become field guides and build his career in the wildlife industry. This course is intended to cover a lot of things and a broad spectrum of subjects. The subjects will be covered in the form of daily lectures as well as practical activities. These practical activities will be carried out in the field in which you will learn several things about how to deal with dangerous wildlife, animal nature, navigation, etc.

ecotraining field guide course

Moreover, the training that will be provided on the campsite will be divided into two wilderness camps. Plus, there will be maximum exposure to different areas, biomes, biodiversity, and wildlife. And in these courses, daily afternoon and morning activities will also be included. In morning and afternoon activities, there will be game walks and game drives.

Then there come midday lectures in which topic instruction and in-depth discussion will be included. This discussion will be on the subjects and games encountered of the day.

Why should you choose this course?

Even though this course is specially designed to make the base or foundation of a person who is willing to become a field guide, there are several participants who get enrolled for this course for a gap year experience. In this course, people who are older than 18 years and have a driving license are invited to attend.

Therefore, these are the things included in an ecotraining field guide course. So if you are willing to become a field guide, this course is for you. Visit our Website.