Pool Cue for Sale: Which one you should choose

Pool Cue for Sale: Which one you should choose post thumbnail image

If you are fond of snooker, you would love to have new cues in your collection. If you see any pool cue for sale, you should definitely check it whether it is of your type or not. Several pool cues are available in the market from simple to exotic linen wrapped, from English to American, you will find lots of different types of cues in the market. But what pool cue should you choose, it depends on the kind of pool game you are playing. Generally, there are nine types of pool cues available in the world like English Cues, Carom Cues, American cues, etc. when you decide what kind of pool game you want to play; then you choose your cue according to it. Let’s have a look at the American and English cues.

  • English Pool Cues:

English pool cues and common snooker pool cues are almost the same and interchangeable. But most of the English professionals prefer the smaller tips size, i.e. 8 mm. It would be tough for you to play with it if you are a beginner. Most pub players prefer sticks having tip thickness more than 9 mm. These pool cues can be split into half if the table is small. The major thing that you should note while looking for cues is a ferrule on the tip of the cue. Because it is used to protect the cue when you are changing the cue tip. The average price of the English cue starts from £25 and will go on with extra customization. These customization are more of a decoration to your cue. Nothing more than that. 

  • American Pool Cues:

American cues are thicker than the English pool cues because their tip size is around 12 to 13mm. They are more fancy and stylish as compared to their English counterparts. You can use these cues in the pool games like Carom, 9 ball, etc. because the size of the ball in these games is larger than the other games, that’s why the ball can be hit easily. If you are fond of American Cues, then you should know that they are expensive because of the decoration and details on it. In these cues, you should look for the ferrule as well. In American cues, Metal and plastic ferrule are available. The price of the American starts from £45 and goes on. 


Every pool cue for sale is not worth buying. You should buy it according to the type of game you play. Both American and English have a different price range and a little bit different game play. So choose the one which is best for you.

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